Frequently Asked Questions

Tread Temperatures

Using a needle probe pyrometer is the best indicator for final adjustments of the vehicle – for camber and toe.  Measure at three points: inside, center and outer and staying within a 25 degree spread inside to outside with the inside being the warmest.
A well balanced vehicle will also be within 25 degrees front to rear on tire temperatures.

Tire Pressures

Working tire pressures will vary according to the type of and weight of the vehicle. As the weight and speeds are increased so must the working pressure be increased.
Hot working pressures are usually in the range of 32 – 36 psi. Initial cold pressures will vary in order to obtain the hot pressures. Tire should not be used at pressures below 24 psi. Excessive low pressures will cause excessive force on the sidewalls or the tire unseating from the rim.

Additional Grooving Information


Basic Set-Up Information

A place to start and tune from: 
Start cold pressure: 25-26 psi looking to get to 30-32 psi hot
– Camber  : -1 degrees
– Toe : 0
– Camber : 0 to -1/2 degrees
– Toe : 0