Gravel Rally Tire Product Bulletin

Hoosier Rally Bulletin
Hoosier Rally Bulletin

Lakeville, IN – Building on our winning line of racing tires Hoosier introduces our newest offering – Stage Rally tires. Two years in development, testing and racing in the US, UK and South Africa, and approved by the Motor Sport Association of the United Kingdom. Made with an asymmetrical tread design that delivers performance in soft and loose surfaces and mold tread sipes that aid in traction and braking. The internal construction, strengthened sidewalls and molded rubber sidewall protectors are built to protect against accidental impacts. Initially one size and three compound offerings. Two more sizes planned for 2017.   

Tire Size Tread Width Approx. Dia. Approx. Circ. Recom. Rim Measured Rim Section Width Weight MSRP
205/65R15 7.1″ 25.3″ 79.5″ 7.0″ 7.0″ 8.75″ 29lbs $250.00

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